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Tidelands. It’s where the surf hits the land. Where the legacy 1970s handsewn shoe meets modern day technology. Optimized not just for comfort, but also stability. Made for movement, begging for adventure. Where vintage is perfected.

Tidelands is not just for leisure, they support both the gritty work of living and playing. Charting new waters, they’re for the captain who stays steady in stormy weather as in breezy sun-filled sails. Because real rough and tumble style doesn’t sit still, Tidelands has evolved since their inception in the 70s.

Summer is here, it’s time to start heating up your wardrobe with a few trendy styles from the Tidelands Collection. Take on your typical summer uniform or a classic warm weather weekend outfit, both featuring stylish, comfortable Tidelands.

CC Lifestyle photographer

Observing and capturing the hidden beauty in everyday life.

“Active cushioning in the EVA mid-sole keeps the roads you travel steady, even when bumps and obstacles appear. Think shock absorber, think smooth ride.”

Kristopher Illustrator

Getting creative and sketching in exquisite detail, presenting the world one of a kind illustrations.

“Tidelands feature the timeless elements with premium leather from an LWG Silver-rated tannery, hardy hand-sewn top-stitching for a rugged appeal, leather laces that just won’t quit, a durable leather foot bed and truly handsewn craftsmanship.”

Pato Surfer/model

Embracing adventure and the road that lies ahead - living life to the fullest.

“The SensorFlex™ comfort system outsole is cut to move with each step, to flex with dynamic style, to take active living to the next level. Life takes place in motion. Tidelands brings you balance, agility, and perseverance.”

Tidelands Collection