Leather jackets are made to last a lifetime, but real life, spills, rainstorms, and a busy life might have something to say about that. They’re meant to be lived in, but that means some wear and tear is inevitable.

To ensure that you wear your jacket in, rather than out, treat it to a bit of regular TLC with Waximum™ Waxed Leather Protector. The perfect remedy for dry leather, Waximum™ Wax Protector smooths out scratches and ensures that wrinkles won’t turn into cracks.

We recommend treating your jacket as soon as you get it, but be warned that it might change the color of the leather slightly, so test the product on a small area first.

Remember – although Waximum™ Waxed Leather Protector works great on oiled and waxed leathers, it is not suitable for suede or nubuck.

If possible, try doing this in a warm to medium temperature room so that the wax will be softer and easier to spread.

  1. Start with a dry jacket. If it’s damp from a rainstorm (or an unfortunate spill) let it air dry first before following the next steps.
  1. Place your jacket face down and wipe off any obvious dirt and grime.
  1. Using a clean rag or cloth, scoop up a small amount of the wax and begin massaging it into your jacket, starting from the back of the jacket and moving up to the collar (if it has one) and back of the arms.
  1. Flip over and repeat the process on the front, using small amounts of wax at a time.
  1. Once your entire jacket is covered, wait 24 hours for it to dry before wearing it again.
  1. Rejoice, your leather jacket looks better than ever!