During an entire lifetime, the average commuter spends more than 10,600 hours travelling. Transit takes up so much of our time, why not make it enjoyable? As any adventure-seeker knows, the right gear is key to smooth-sailing. Here we give you the essentials to keep your daily commute hassle-free whether it’s by bike, car, or train. Plus we’ve thrown in a few extras for those spontaneous after-work diversions.


Flexible Comfy Look


Not even the strongest cup of joe can compete with jolt of adrenaline you get from racing down through the city streets during morning rush hour. Weaving through a sea of honking cars, avoiding potholes, and arriving at work sweat-free takes some serious skill – and gear. Transition from the road to the coworking space without the trip to the changing room. Pair the Long Sleeve Double Layer top and our seriously stretchy Mirror Lake Stretch Denim jeans to keep your journey comfortable yet stylish, rain or shine. No need to bring a change of shoes when you’ve got the sleek Bradstreet Leather Boot. These boots will keep your feet supported and comfy all throughout the day, with Timberland’s one-of-a-kind SensorFlex™ comfort system. Nip in the air? A sudden change in weather never phases a dedicated cyclist. Top off the look with the Ragged Mountain Field Jacket, which will keep you warm and dry with its compatible layering system (complete with zip-out fleece liner), removable hood, and DryVent™ technology. Keep all your goodies safe with a sturdy backpack made with waterproof leather, and make sure to pack a flashlight, water bottle, notepad, and pen. A trail map is always good to have on hand (A bit of off roading is never a bad idea!).

Pro Tip: For those adventure junkies out there, strap a camera to your helmet for hands free documentation of your commute. Remember, don’t get stuck in the same boring routine – switch it up by exploring the backstreets or taking a pit stop for a picnic in the park.



Classy Workman Look


Start the day off right: Pair the Tenon Leather Field Jacket and Britton Hill boot for a look James Dean would envy. Next, layer the Sargent Lake Twill Chino and Long Sleeve Contempo Plaid Shirt underneath for cotton breathability. Avoid dozing off behind the wheel with an extra large mug of coffee and a light beef jerky snack. The short walk through the parking lot to the office brings a face-off with a fierce puddle, but with waterproof Britton Hill boots, the puddle stands no chance. Nothing feels better than strutting into the office in style. The day crawls by, and the clock strikes five. A walk to the car brings a sad realization; the radio was left on, and now the battery is dead. Not today, you whisper in your best Arya Stark voice to the hula girl on the dashboard. There are jumper cables in the trunk! Those lucky dice did come in handy. Last-minute date plans? Fear not. Keep it classy with a movie at the Drive-In. And thank goodness you’re already dressed to impress.



Effortless Chic Look


Head to your platform fully prepped in Timberland® gear to take on the commuter crowd. Long lines, crowded trains, and delays? Bring it on. With tablet, headphones, and journal in hand, boredom will never get the best of you. A sardine-packed train can easily create heat levels of a sauna, layers are key for adapting to the changing temps. Pair the Lovewell Mountain Jacket with Thermo Fibre fabric with the Long Slim Lightweight Flannel Plaid Shirt for ultimate breathability and lightweight warmth.

Pro Tip: Add a mini fan and water bottle to the mix for a sweat-free trip all the way to the office. Stand out from the sea of basics on the subway platform with the Preston Hill Plain Toe Chukka. These chukkas are equipped with SensorFlex™ comfort system and an OrthoLite® footbed that delivers all day support and cushion no matter the terrain (or bumpy ride). With your Metro map in hand, shake up your journey home and take a detour to explore a new area of the city. Don’t forget to pack your camera – you never know what you’re going to find.